Individual Lessons

The essence of the individual - one to one approach is based on the respect for the needs and wishes of the client and his/her active cooperation and participation. Individual training is aimed at those who wish to actively work on improving their body posture and changing their exercise habits for better. First lesson includes initial consultation, assessment and exercise demonstration. Follow-up lessons cover practise, mentoring and support during exercise. Every training plan and exercise programme is tailor made to client’s individual needs and abilities, with strong emphasis on centralised position of joints, anatomically correct body movement and proper function of the deep stabilising system of the spine. Remember, success is a result of active mutual cooperation between the trainer and the client!


Individual lesson (45-60 min): 30,-€


Why does it pay off to invest in your body?

Do you know what happens when one doesn‘t properly use their body or execute wrong exercise habits? The body will start sending pain signals! Muscle imbalance is the most common factor contributing to the pain in joints, spine and musculoskeletal system. Muscle shortening on one side of the joint and weakening on the opposite side result in incorrect movement and uneven strain to the joint. This causes the joint to decentralize, which gradually destroys it. Since muscles operate in so-called muscle chains, the pain is easily transmitted to other parts of the body. Moreover, if one incorporates intense exercise, the strain and pressure to the joints increase significantly. What can be done? In order for everything to work the way it should, it is necessary to restore muscle balance and re-centralize the joints to find the correct starting position for the movement and continue leading the movement in the right direction. Essentially, restoring healthy movement via properly selected and executed exercise will allow you to use your body more effectively, reduce pressure and strain to the joints, increase quality of life, you will feel better, look younger and ultimately enhance performance.


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"Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners.

William Shakespeare